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About Mirella

Buongiorno, everyone!

Mirella's authentic handmade pasta is a project started in 2020 from Mirella Kostandini.


Mirella started her career as a musician when she was young, but her passion for cooking has always seemed to be the driving factor in her life. Growing being surrounded by the flavors and tastes of Italian cuisine allowed Mirella to value cooking as an art.

Living her days side by side with Nonna Rita allowed her to understand how simple flavours paired with love are at the base of every complicated receipt.

The memory of Nonna Rita, with her care and attention to making every meal special, inspired Mirella to grow as a chef as well as a person.

Today, Mirella is trying to fulfil people around her with wholesome meals that come from the heart.

With her classes and teachings, she aims not only to provide a set of handmade pasta skills but also to share her love for traditional Italian cuisine with everyone.

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